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Song Circle with Mantra & Heart Opening Songs 

TrineMai & Inez
Thursday, 12th August 2021
19:30 - 21:30 CEST 
Venue: MitraSalen, Sankt Knuds vej 36, 2. sal. 1903 Frederiksberg C, Copenhagen
Ticket: 250 DKK 

Join us for a lovely evening where we will be taken on a journey into the heart and body.


When we open the voice and sing together in a circle, a self-healing energy field is created which opens the body and activates the heart. We connect soul, body and mind and feel a greater sense of calm, light, love and joy. The mantras are simple, with easy lyrics and melodies. We will sing in English, Danish and Sanskrit. The music is accompanied by Inez on harmonium and Shamanic drum, and TrineMai on guitar and Shamanic drum.



What to expect during the evening

We will start the evening with a short meditation to arrive. Then we briefly share our names, what is moving in us and our intention for the evening. Sharing is absolutely optional, if you do not want to share, that's perfectly fine. Then we sing for approx. 1.5 hours and we will complete the evening with a nice long guided relaxation lying on the back.


You can choose to sing along or just close your eyes and enjoy the music. If you feel that you need to lie down along the way, you are welcome to do so, and there are soft pillows and blankets.


It's not about singing beautifully, but about daring to let your own sound be expressed. Everyone can participate, even you have never tried it before or think you cannot sing :-) 

What does it cost, and how can I purchase a ticket?

The entrance fee is 250 DKK per person, which goes to cover the cost of renting the venue and honouring the artists for their time. As we are keeping the group very small (20 participants), please click the Sign up button to get in touch and let us know you would like to join. Once confirmed, you will receive a MobilePay number to pay for your ticket. 

Venue & Directions

We will be enjoying the beautiful space at MitraSalen, Sankt Knuds vej 36, 2. sal. 1903 Frederiksberg C, Copenhagen. The nearest metro stop is Forum.  

Anything else?

We will of course ensure that a safe distance is kept between all guests. If you are experiencing Covid symptoms please stay home and rest.

Previous Events


During the past few years we have been passionate about bringing people together in different formats and geographies. Here are some of the in person events we have organised. 

Re:Mind Retreat with TechBBQ

On June 11th, 2021, we gathered 50 startup founders for a full day retreat in Holte. The topic was resilience and wellbeing, and we spent the first half of the day for a Medicine Walk in the beautiful forest, Rude Skov.

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Medicine Walk at Rude Skov

Do you have a question you struggle to get clarity on? During a Medicine Walk you can ask Nature for an answer. You may just be surprised how beautifully She provides every time! This Medicine Walk was guided by Rasmus Ludvigsen, on Sunday, 4th October 2020.


A Medicine Walk is a very natural and simple way to come into communication with the world around us and begin to hear what it is saying. It is easy to learn if we give ourselves time and follow a focused framework. In a way, it is re-learning what we have always known on a deep level.  


Nature Gathering on Møn

Hosted together with Marcus Bodnia, the Nature Gathering took place on the beautiful island of Møn, Denmark, on August 21st - 23rd 2020.   


Heartful Academy Gathering

Celebration and Completion gathering for Heartful Academy participants to integrate learnings from Spring 2020 season and set intentions for the rest of the year.


Consciousness Dome @TechBBQ

For two years in the row, we have built the largest dome at TechBBQ in the heart of Copenhagen, focused on mental health, wellbeing and the science of consciousness, inspiring over one thousand guests. 


Ashridge House Retreat

Immersive weekend retreat focused on the theme of bringing heart intelligence into business, hosted at the stunning Ashridge House in Berkhamsted, U.K.