• Heartful Academy

Aligning Business with the Rhythms of Nature

An exploration of working with the Rhythms of Nature in business and in everyday reality.

Zara Waldebäck is a highly respected teacher of Shamanism, Animism and Natural Leadership in the Nordics.

Together with fellow teacher and life partner, Jonathan Horwitz, Zara lives in the Swedish forest, while sharing ancient wisdom via online sessions with audiences from around the world. For many years they have been teaching residential retreats and seminars all over the world, inspiring leaders, innovators and change makers by bringing them back to the heart of life.

In this Heartful Academy session Zara shared:

  • How she and Jonathan run their own organisation, which has been going successfully and consistently for over 30 years

  • What success means to them and how it relates to a path of service

  • What working with the rhythms of nature means in everyday reality, what the rhythms are and why they work

  • What animism is, and how to work with your business as if it is a breathing living being and not a machine

  • How approaching your business through establishing a good relationship with it can create stamina and clarity of vision

  • The power of gratitude and how thanksgiving practices can shift and energise what we do

  • Connecting to what we truly want to receive from our work and how it can nourish and sustain us long-term

You can read more about Zara and her work with shamanism here.