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How can we unlock our intuition to make our businesses extraordinary?

“A leader can create a melody that streams through the whole organisation and makes it strong and enduring”. Can we all be such leaders?

Isabelle Laurés works with business leaders from around the world. She has many clients in Denmark, Sweden and New York where she lived some time ago. Today, she spends most of the year in Paris, which is no problem at all, since all her sessions are done online.

The way we got to know about Isabelle was through the CEO of Thürmer Tools and TwentySeven, Erick Thürmer. Erick shared the story of how one day he fired his whole board, and asked Isabelle to be his Chairwoman instead. Going forward he only wanted women in his board. And he wanted the conversations to be about everything, including intuition, sensing, clearsight, working with angels, blessings, healing powers - in addition to strategies, budgets and products. Since then his business has improved in all areas, including financially.

In Isabelle, Erick had found someone truly special. And he no longer wanted to attempt to please a board that sought to hold him and his visions back. Rather he had to start fully living the purpose that he saw for himself and for his business. I will admit that this sounded radical to me. Maybe even immature and unrealistic. Isabelle doesn’t have a formal business education, she dropped out from studying law as her side gig of coaching and guiding grew to take up all her time. “I realised that it was the spiritual laws more than the legal laws that would be my life’s work,” Isabelle told me in our conversation.

By now I have had two hour-long conversations with Isabelle. It has been absolutely delightful and heart opening both times. Some part of me was ‘checking for crazy’, I am aware of that, and of course Isabelle was too. After all, when you talk about angels you know that not everyone will be comfortable right away.

Isabelle listens. She really listens. Thereby setting herself apart from the spiritual teachers who evangelise their message to the point where one feels lonely in the middle of the conversation. Isabelle asks clarifying questions, and then - with perfect timing - answers your questions. She does that with such a fine balance between respect for the complexity of the topic and clarity for the solution, that I have become convinced that the Heartful Academy community will enjoy this upcoming session immensely.

“When I grew up, my mum believed in God, my dad was an atheist, and I saw angels everywhere” - Isabelle Laurés

Isabelle advises and guides a wide range of business leaders, as well as owners of galleries, castles and other physical spaces that need to have an authentic atmosphere in order to be appealing. She loves to work with entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors. The energy and can do attitude is in tune with life itself, as she sees it. “When we become aware of it, we can work with the spirit of the company,” she tells me. “A leader can create a melody that streams through the whole organisation and makes it strong and enduring”. In my head I translate to “Purpose” and “Culture”, and think that I understand what Isabelle is pointing at. I start asking her very specific questions, without really knowing why. I am no longer sceptical. Rather, I feel connection and trust.

After the conversation I understand why business leaders would take their advice from Isabelle. It might sound strange, but this young woman without a business degree, has some profound insights that stretch all the way from the abstract to the specific. Her wisdom is clearly based on a strong foundation of care, courage and clearsight. I almost want to say that I felt loved. I don’t mean me specifically. What I mean is that I felt Isabelle’s authentic and selfless love for all humankind, including me. Without the usual judgments and protective measures that us humans walk around with. I think you know what I am trying to explain. Some people (few) are so present, kind, and have dissolved their own neurosis and worries, that you feel good just being in their presence. Isabelle is one of them. I checked for crazy, as well as guru-vibes and inflated ego, and what else my fearful mind could come up with. I found none of it. Only an incredible wise and warm person that successfully guides business leaders around the world in an untraditional and fresh way.

In this session we covered questions such as:

1) Why do you think business leaders want advice from a spiritual guide?

2) What is the difference between the way you work, and the way a coach or mentor works?

3) What does it mean to be spiritual, what are the “spiritual laws” you mentioned, and how can such knowledge be useful in the context of business?

4) How do we become better at following our intuition? Can you share specific methods?

5) What is the ego, and how do we best work constructively with it?

6) What is the role of love in the world of business? Is there room for it?

7) What is soul and spirit, and what are the benefits of getting more of it into our work?