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How to communicate like a Buddhist

As we came across these words on a website, How to Communicate like a Buddhist, they stuck with us and we wanted to learn more. What does it mean to communicate like a Buddhist? We imagined someone who always speaks with precision, is a present and calm listener - and a person that radiates kindness, compassion and confidence at the same time.

A bit of research revealed that we were not the only ones that were intrigued. Almost 60,000 people have taken the How to Communicate like a Buddhist online course that Cynthia Kane is offering via the mindfulness platform, DailyOM. Cynthia’s book by the same name is a bestseller, with stellar reviews on Amazon. Now we were seriously curious, and we reached out to Cynthia to ask her to be a speaker at Heartful Academy. Communication is key in all forms of relationships - and to become successful in business is about cultivating fruitful, long term and mutually beneficial relationships through effective communication. So we wanted to learn more, and we thought that so would our fellow students at Heartful Academy.

The Zoom call we had with Cynthia was truly lovely. She is indeed exceptionally good at listening and holding space, and when she shares her story it comes from such a genuine place. We felt a strong connection and were moved by her words and her personal story. Going into her work, and her material, we could clearly see the depths of understanding attained through personal experiences, wholehearted introspection, and lots of studying and practicing. Working with groups as well as individuals, Cynthia spends all of her time on training in optimal communication skills - especially for people who want to improve their relationships at work and at home. Blessedly Cynthia agreed to share from her heart with the Heartful community.

Here are some of the topics that we asked Cynthia to address during the session:

  • How to speak consciously, clearly and concisely without anxiety.

  • The practice of responding instead of reacting.

  • To speak in a way that is kind, honest and helpful.

  • When to speak and when to stay quiet.

  • How to stay engaged when listening.

  • To express yourself so that others can hear you.

  • The best way to nip potential problems in the bud before they become meltdowns.

  • How to be comfortable in silence -- no longer needing to fill the space

  • Wise approaches to handling conflict at the workplace