• Heartful Academy

Purpose and profit: A new ecosystem focused business approach

Christian Erfurt was seriously ill during his childhood, which as an adult has motivated him to strive really hard to make a difference.

With his startup, Be My Eyes, Christian is helping thousands of people with impaired vision becoming more empowered for free. This might sound as a difficult concept to make financially viable until the business model originated from a quote spotted at an restaurant "Everybody wins, only when nobody loses."

In this Heartful Academy talk Christian shared his thoughts on:

  • What happened in Christian’s childhood, and how have these experiences been formative in the work he is now doing?

  • What is the idea behind Be My Eyes, and how does it improve the lives for the visually impaired?

  • How to scale such a mission, and how to make it financially viable?

  • What is Christian’s best advice for other entrepreneurs who are driven by a higher purpose?

  • How Purpose and profit will be the strongest competitive advantage for the future of business

  • What does social inclusion mean to Christian, and what are the most powerful ways to create a world that works for all of us?