• Heartful Academy

Regenerating our food systems

For Claus Meyer, gastronomic entrepreneur, investor and innovator, food has always been a language of love, connection and regeneration.

Claus Meyer is a truly iconic entrepreneur in Denmark. For the past 3 decades he has worked tirelessly to inspire change in how we eat, in order to improve wellbeing, health, and the effect on our planet. Claus was advocating biodiversity, organic and regenerative farming practices before it became fashionable, and has in depth knowledge of what it takes to create real change.

Some of the questions we focused on in this Heartful Academy session:

  • What has Claus learned along the way from starting more than a dozen of companies with a total of more than 1,000 employees

  • How was it to sell the majority ownership in his main company, Meyers, to a big capital fund

  • Why did Claus move to New York for 3 years, and what are the key learnings from this period

  • Coming back to Copenhagen, how has it been to reengage with his old company, and what mission has Claus taking upon himself today

  • What can be done to change the food industry so that it becomes more sustainable, and even regenerative

  • What are the biggest barriers in this kind of work, and how can they be overcome

  • What advice does Claus feel it is safe to pass on to fellow change makers, innovators and entrepreneurs