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The award winning business professor who talks healing, light and love

In a world suffering from the effects of COVID-19, Professor Raj Sisodia’s message is now more relevant than ever.

I had known about Raj Sisodia and Conscious Capitalism for some years, but it was during a weekend in December 2019 that he changed my life. Or rather his work did.

It was a particularly challenging period at my work, and I was starting to wonder if it is at all possible to transform an established profit-firstbusiness to instead become purpose-first. Raj’s new book The Healing Organization came timely into my hands, and was exactly what I needed to gain strength and know with every fiber of my being that not only is such a transformation possible, it is also absolutely necessary.

For a whole weekend I carried the book around with me everywhere I went. It might sound strange, but having the book within reach was the medicine I needed to remind myself that I was on the right track, and had no choice but to keep going.

What is so amazing about this book? Together with his co-author Michael Gelb, Raj has identified, analysed and presented 18 companies from around the world that have become truly healing in their engagement with people and planet. Not to claim that these companies are perfect in all ways, but when you read the book you will see the creative, exciting and wholehearted initiatives they are undertaking to turn good intentions into reality, day by day.

Some of these organisations have tens of thousands employees, while others are in the low hundreds. Some are less than a decade old, while others have been around longer than most of us. Some were born as healing organisations. Others had to retire destructive patterns first, in order to undergo a profound transformation.

If Raj’s name sounds familiar it is because he is the co-author of Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business, together with the legendary co-founder of Whole Foods Market, John Mackey. Their book became the starting point for a movement that today has chapters all over the US, and in many other countries as well. Raj is a Professor at Babson College, has written 10 books, sits on the board of The Container Store, and speaks to executives all over the globe.

In a world suffering from the effects of COVID-19, Raj’s message is more relevant than ever. In order for humanity to survive and thrive, we need our businesses to become healing organisations. Healing for all people, healing for our beautiful planet.

In this talk we focussed on:

1) Raj’s personal journey and the early experiences that led him to feel so strongly that care, compassion and healing have a role to play in the hardcore world of business

2) Is it really true that organisations that take on the responsibility to become healing can keep up financially with their competitors that don’t seem to have such concerns or objectives?

3) In Raj’s books, the words light, love and spirit can be found discreetly and precisely placed here and there. These are not words we usually encounter in business books. What do they mean to Raj? And why are they important for business leaders to embrace?

4) According to Raj, what is the purpose of business? And is there a correlation to the purpose of life?

5) After researching the business landscape for 30 years, and given what COVID-19 can be expected to do to our mindset and society, what is the most important advice that Raj has to give to current and future business leaders?