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The world needs more rebels with heart

In Denmark, Uffe Elbæk requires no introduction. A lifelong entrepreneur and self proclaimed rebel, Uffe has had a huge impact and continues to challenge the status quo. Especially close to his heart is the topic of how we can heal our planet and redefine the concept of growth.

How can business and politics come together to give a real boost to the green transition? What should business leaders know, in order to make decisions that are wiser and more long term sustainable?

Uffe Elbæk is a remarkable Danish leader with a distinctive flair of his own. During his 30+ years in leadership roles, he has managed to have remarkable impact within the huge domains of education, culture and politics.

He started out doing art projects and creative entrepreneurial endeavours of the sort that the establishment had a hard time understanding. For instance, in the autumn of 1989 Uffe and his friends arranged for more than 2,000 young Danes to enter into the Soviet Union, at the time one of the most totalitarian and closed places on the planet. The plan was to organise a rock concert in front of Moscow University. Rock concerts were as rare as democratic rights in Soviet Union.

After this remarkable stunt, the group asked themselves a simple question: “What kind of education could prepare more people to do what we just did?” They realized that no such education existed, and so KaosPilot University was born. Today, KaosPilot is recognised by Businessweek as one of the best design schools in the world, and FastCompany has named it in its Startup Leagues Big 10.

Nowadays, Uffe is most known for creating the political party, Alternativet, and being a member of the Danish Parliament. Currently, he is again looking into what next steps to take and in this phase he is being especially explorative and open.

Some of the topics Uffe addressed in this session:

  • Why did he see a need for disruption of education? What problem is KaosPilot University trying to solve?

  • Why go into politics? Is it possible to make a real change, or will you either get eaten alive or become just as manipulative as the institution at large?

  • What is Uffe’s most important message for innovators and change makers?

  • How can business be inspired to engage wholeheartedly in the green transition?

  • What is next for Uffe Elbæk?