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Why business needs a Heart Revolution

What has the heart to do with business? What is Karen Tobiasen’s message and her method when she works with huge organisations, and powerful CEOs, in order to make real change?

Karen’s career is a truly impressive one. After starting out as a recruiter at Mercuri Urval, she went on to rise up through the ranks at SAP, Philips, and finally Nordea, with lightning speed. Here at one of the biggest companies in the Nordics, Karen supported the CEO, and the executive team, during one of the most crucial cultural and strategic transformation projects in the history of the bank. Along the way Karen discovered something truly extraordinary, and based on these insights she recently published her first book, The Heart Revolution.

Some of the topics Karen addressed in this session:

  • The winning formula that made it possible for Karen to become so successful in huge corporates like SAP, Philips and Nordea

  • What Karen realised about the heart during her journey, and how she integrates heart and mind to reach her goals and have a huge impact

  • Why Karen wrote “The Heart Revolution” and what are the key messages in the book

  • What is Karen’s advice to leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs on how to activate their hearts, and bring their heart with them to work

  • What pitfalls do we need to be aware of along the way