The Book

Coming soon:

"Be heartful, not hurtful" 

"Be Heartful, not hurtful" is a book about wisdom in business. Ten selected speakers from Heartful Academy share their most profound and impactful insights for how we can all work for more wise business practices.

This book is your chance to become the kind of leader, founder, investor, innovator and change maker that our world so desperately needs. Some insights are spiritual, philosophical and psychological, while others are tactical and strategic. You will receive inspiration from science, as well as from observing the natural world. We bring in wisdom from these overlooked domains, in order to build bridges and widen horizons.


About the Book

For humanity to survive and thrive, we need a business world that is more kind, compassionate and caring towards People & Planet. We need leaders who take the long term perspective, and seek deep within themselves for answers and solutions that benefit all stakeholders. 

This book is our contribution to what we believe is the most important agenda of our times. Bringing to you the powerful and distilled essence of Wisdom from ten of our carefully curated Heartful Academy speakers. 

Pricing & how to order

The book will be available via our website as an e-book in order to be gentle on our Planet. It will be free to download. 

Launching end of 2021

"The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions"


Oliver Wendell Holmes