Upcoming Sessions

Dates for upcoming season: 2nd March - 27th April 2021

Heartful Academy will return in the Spring with a series of 9 sessions, starting 2nd March 2021 and ending on 27th April 2021. As always, the sessions will take place on Tuesdays at 5pm Central European Time, via Zoom.

We invite you to view the list of previous sessions and let us know if you would like to receive the video recordings. 

"Never let formal education get in the way of your learning"


Mark Twain

Speakers at Heartful Academy are selected according to the following criteria

1) They have profound wisdom to share within the domains of Nature, Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality or Science 


2) They know how to connect their insights to the world of business, making it relevant to leaders at all levels  

3) They are skilled speakers who understand how to get their message across in an engaging way 

4) They are dedicated to positive impact for People & Planet 

5) They are heartful themselves. This means that they are warm, kind, caring, and inspiring to spend time with 

While event organisers often go for the most famous speakers they can get in touch with, fame does not factor in at Heartful Academy 

Today, fame is a poor predictor for how much we really ought to listen to a person. As curators, we are all about the depht and usefulness of the message, and the speaker's ability to share from a place of authenticity. How many followers they have on Twitter, or views on YouTube, doesn't mean much to us. 

Do you have ideas for future speakers?